From humble beginnings in a living room to our current site and everything between, Praise Church has experienced several major moves over the years. We are outgrowing our current space and God has placed it on our hearts to make room for the stories yet to be told by building a new facility on the 10 acres behind our current building. It is through God’s faithfulness in our past and the vision we believe He has for our future that we prepare for our next Major Move.


“Ten years ago I was buried under a mountain of spiritual oppression, believing God’s approval of me was based on my performance. Since I could never measure up, self-condemnation and hopelessness were my mental defaults.

In the Fall of 2007, God freed me from that spiritual stronghold and began teaching me who He really is and what He wants from me. One precious gift He gave me was leading me to Praise Church where I could worship in freedom. I grew a lot in my relationship with God over the next several years; however, I was still carrying a weight of wrong beliefs and character defects. God was getting ready to teach me the importance of being in active community with fellow believers.

Two years ago, I found myself at a crisis point in my personal life. I was completely miserable and my closest relationships were in shambles. That breaking point forced me out of my isolation. God led me to a Christian counselor who helped me peel away all the wrong beliefs and bad coping techniques I had been holding onto. God also strengthened me to reach out to other women with whom I could share life and grow.

Through my journey of the last ten years, the greatest lessons I’ve learned are: 1) God is faithful and He truly is working all things for my good; and 2) being connected to the local body of Christ (with friends who speak truth to us) is a vital way we receive the “abundant life” Jesus promised.”

“My fiancé, JB, and myself, recently started coming to Praise. We started by going to the Love and Respect small group and now Sunday service. He makes it when he can due to work. We attended Vision Night, we are going to game night Friday and are signed up for Baptism on the 21st. We had kept telling each other we really need to get involved in church, especially before we get married. Let me just say, this is unlike any church I’ve ever stepped foot in. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, and Pastor Reg has such a passion for what he does. I attended church alot when I was young and I’ve never seen a Pastor so over flowing with teaching the Word of God that it comes out in tears. At Vision Night, I felt overwhelmed with excitement for the growth of a church I just started attending. We truly feel at home already and I can’t wait for JB and I to be a part of the stories yet to be told.”
As a college student, I have had the great pleasure of knowing what it is like to have plenty and (what I thought at the time) little. I’ve had days where all my needs have been met before I knew it was needed, and days where I wonder how I’m going eat lunch let alone afford to get through another 3 years of school. Each has taught me to rely on the Lord in a different way and for this I am thankful. I’m am thankful for Philippians 4 where Paul talks about the “secret” to living in contentment. This secret is my greatest treasure. Ultimately, I am not thankful in my circumstances because I know someone has it worse than me or because I know I’m extremely blessed to live in America where even a homeless person can be considered rich when compared to the rest of the world. Even though these things are true, they are not where my thankfulness and contentment stems from. You see, the “secret” Paul talks about in Philippians 4:11-13 is Christ. It is because of Christ that I can say “I am thankful,” and that is where my identity is. Now, I do give thanks for the unbelievable blessings God has given me, but that is not where my gratefulness comes from. It comes from having a relationship with the God of the universe who saved me from eternal damnation and in that relationship, I can have it “worse” than anyone else in the world and still be content. This is because I have the relief of knowing that it’s not about me or how much better I have it than someone else, but because of what Christ has done and who he is. This gives me great peace knowing that God could take away every earthly blessings he has given me, and I would still have a reason to praise him. Whether I choose to praise him or not in those circumstances is a different story as I am a very stubborn and arrogant youngster. I am thankful to know the secret to contentment and to have a wonderful church family that encourages and challenges me. I hope and pray that I can live a life that reflects these truths and proclaim them to others and above all, do it for the love and to the glory of God.
“At a young age I discovered the effects of alcohol and drugs, and purposely set out to self-destruct. Nothing was too much or too far. Death was always welcoming. After 20 years of addiction, the life that goes with it, and multiple suicide attempts I was living a relatively stable life, but continued to house that huge painful hole inside, unfillable by years of psychiatrists, social workers, self-help books and groups, relationships, etc. I tried several different churches, but felt turned off. I had never had a relationship with God, was skeptical about the bible and anything spiritual, and left cold by everyone and everything “religious.” In 2011, because of pressure from my kids, I went through treatment for Hepatitis C. Three months in, my viral count tripled instead of decreasing and I was pulled off treatment. The side effects continued to escalate and those, along with my fear of a slow horrible death from liver disease, brought me to the logical decision to speed up the process by drinking myself to death. I gave it the old college try, but hadn’t drank in many years and couldn’t tolerate alcohol except when diluted almost down to water. Foiled again, I knew death from old age was more likely with that amount of alcohol. For the first time in my life I was having panic attacks, paranoia, fear of leaving the house, feeling rage at everyone, and I successfully pushed everyone away from me. I was too sick to let my psychiatrist know how sick I was. So, there I sat, desperate, exhausted, afraid, and full of rage – isolated and alone at my kitchen table.
3 feet across the table from me, as though He were standing slightly above the table – I couldn’t see him, but I heard him calmly and clearly say: “Mary, find a church.” four words that changed my life. It was in that moment that I went from the blackest death to overwhelming joy. I swiveled around in my kitchen chair and grabbed the phone book and began the process of writing down churches, service times and addresses. One minute earlier the thought of being in a room with another human was terrifying – now I was overjoyed at the thought of walking into churches full of strangers! Never once did I say “what just happened?!!!! I just rolled with it, as though it were the most natural thing in the world. And it progressed from there. I visited 7 or 8 churches, welcomed lovingly like a lost family member at every church (God was so there!!), discovering what the bible is, getting to know who and what Jesus is – it has been a wonderful amazing miraculous journey. All I can think is that God finally said “girl, it doesn’t look like you’re ever going to try to find me without some major help, so here you go”. I can’t think of any four words Jesus could have said that would have achieved the same thing, but then, God is perfect in every way – I’ve noticed since then how economical He is with His words and the magnificent outcomes he achieves. From Satan’s stronghold to the glory of God, Yes. I am the most grateful person in the world, and it keeps getting better and better.
PS. I went into treatment again for Hep C about a year ago and have remained virus free since then. But you know what? That’s not even important to me anymore. Nothing matters except staying close to Jesus.
I would never have believed this testimony from another – maybe we just have to experience it to believe it. Praise God!”

As we continue hearing stories of life change, we know that God is working in the lives of those who call Praise home. Your generosity toward our Major Move campaign will provide new space and greater opportunity to reach our community. With a new auditorium and children’s facilities, additional parking, and a more prominent location off of Major Drive, Praise Church will be able to reach our community in even more creative, practical, and relevant ways. Every contribution matters and giving online is simple and secure. Please join us as we make room for the stories yet to be told!


Our major move is making progress towards creating more space for stories of life change and growth. Here are our current stats: