Show Up | Join In | Be Real

These three ideas embody what it means to be a part of a group. When you sign up, we are asking you to consider what it means to be a part of a Small Group. 


Show Up- Easy on paper, but more difficult in real life. Life gets busy and demanding, and it may be easy to feel like missing group won’t matter. You are not just another seat, another chair, you are a living part of a body, each part offering something unique. Your presence counts.

Join In- This is your group. You get to help create the environment, take ownership of the discussion, and contribute to the conversation. Joining in is more than being a spectator, it’s engaging with the topic and the members. It’s offering yourself in community, sharing what you know and learning from those around you.

Be Real- Honesty and transparency fosters growth. When we are able to share in this way within our groups, it allows connection and understanding to occur on a deeper level.

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Small Group – Great Risk.  What does it mean live in Christian community–to “do life” together? This semester our Primary Groups will follow Pastor Reg’s Sunday sermon series to examine what genuine Christian community looks like–sharing the highs and lows, to be encouraged and encourage others, to build our faith as we build the faith of others. Expect to grow in God and with others as we dive into this study together. 

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