An experience at church starts in the parking lot. Making connections with people and simply saying ‘hi’ breaks down barriers so they are receptive to what God want’s to do in their life. Be part of creating an irresistible environment by getting involved with one of our volunteer teams!

Not sure where you fit? Let us help you find a place to volunteer where you’ll feel right at home. We’re excited to learn what you are passionate about, what skills you have and how the unique ways you’ve been gifted can be used to help further the Kingdom.



This team produces and manages media rich content for social media, videos, promotional material, and any other media needs for our church and services! They are made up of Photographers, Videographers, and Social Media platform operators.

Production Team volunteers mix audio, run light, screens, cameras, and live video. Using both technical and artistic skills they are the behind-the-scenes force that make irresistible environments for worship possible!

The Worship team is a big part of Sundays here at Praise Church! They spend hours rehearsing to make Sundays the best day of the week. Positions include: Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, and Vocals.



Coffee isn’t the only thing served up by our cafe team! They are yet another crucial touch point for those seeking after God by meeting our physical needs.
First impressions are lasting impressions. Our Greeters create an irresistible environment for everyone coming through our doors!
From a friendly wave, a safe parking lot and the occasional umbrella our parking team helps us start our Sunday experience off right!
Our Ushers not only greet us as we enter our auditorium, help us find seats and pass the offering buckets– they play a vital role in some of the biggest moments in the life of the church. From baptism to communion, the usher team is there to make sure every service runs smoothly.


We believe experiencing the love of Jesus should start at birth, and our goal is to share that love and begin building our little ones’ foundations in faith. From caring for infants and toddlers to teaching basic Biblical truths to pre-k kids, you can make a difference in the next generation.
Learning about God should be exciting and fun for kids! On the elementary team, you’ll be part of creating an engaging and interactive environment for kids to build relationships and learn Biblical truths that will help them take on the world.