From humble beginnings in a living room to our current site and everything between, Praise Church has experienced several major moves over the years. We are outgrowing our current space and God has placed it on our hearts to make room for the stories yet to be told by building a new facility on the 10 acres behind our current building. It is through God’s faithfulness in our past and the vision we believe He has for our future that we prepare for our next Major Move.


“Ten years ago I was buried under a mountain of spiritual oppression, believing God’s approval of me was based on my performance. Since I could never measure up, self-condemnation and hopelessness were my mental defaults.

In the Fall of 2007, God freed me from that spiritual stronghold and began teaching me who He really is and what He wants from me. One precious gift He gave me was leading me to Praise Church where I could worship in freedom. I grew a lot in my relationship with God over the next several years; however, I was still carrying a weight of wrong beliefs and character defects. God was getting ready to teach me the importance of being in active community with fellow believers.

Two years ago, I found myself at a crisis point in my personal life. I was completely miserable and my closest relationships were in shambles. That breaking point forced me out of my isolation. God led me to a Christian counselor who helped me peel away all the wrong beliefs and bad coping techniques I had been holding onto. God also strengthened me to reach out to other women with whom I could share life and grow.

Through my journey of the last ten years, the greatest lessons I’ve learned are: 1) God is faithful and He truly is working all things for my good; and 2) being connected to the local body of Christ (with friends who speak truth to us) is a vital way we receive the “abundant life” Jesus promised.”

As we continue hearing stories of life change, we know that God is working in the lives of those who call Praise home. Your generosity toward our Major Move campaign will provide new space and greater opportunity to reach our community. With a new auditorium and children’s facilities, additional parking, and a more prominent location off of Major Drive, Praise Church will be able to reach our community in even more creative, practical, and relevant ways. Every contribution matters and giving online is simple and secure. Please join us as we make room for the stories yet to be told!


Our major move is making progress towards creating more space for stories of life change and growth. Here are our current stats: