Small Groups are the strategic foundation for the growth of the teenagers of Praise Youth. With such a large group of teenagers calling Praise Youth home, we need a strategy to create deep, meaningful relationships with each other because it’s so easy to feel alone in a crowd. As we grow bigger, we must always get better at being smaller.  Every small group is lead by Christ-like adults who are passionate, mature, and loving.
Small Groups create small environments for evangelism [Acts 1:8], discipleship [Matt 28:19-20], and Biblical friendship [Heb 10:24-25].
SMALL GROUP WEEKEND happens during the weekend of the 2nd Sunday of the month.  At some point during that weekend each small group will be getting together off campus.  We believe this monthly opportunity to get together outside of a Wednesday night will deepen the experience of each small group and even enhance those moments when groups meet during Praise Youth on Wednesday night.
Each small group will meet at different times and different places. Check the list below to see when and where your [your students] group will be meeting.