Praise Church Music Lesson parents and students:

We pray you are keeping safe during this time. Lessons will be moving to an online format for the remainder of this semester. Your respective lesson coaches will be contacting you with further details. We are praying for your health and safety!


At Praise, we believe in building up the next generation, and along with that comes raising up the next generation of worship leaders and musicians. One of the ways we do that is by offering affordable private music lessons for guitar, bass guitar, drums, vocals, and keyboard. Each program offers flexible lessons that are geared toward establishing music fundamentals in rhythm, theory, and performance abilities for aspiring musicians. We believe in nurturing complete musicians to become the next generation of worship leaders.


Carlos Castellanos

Carlos studied piano performance at Lamar University, has been playing piano for over twenty years, and has been a music teacher for over ten years. He is the Music Director of Praise Church and oversees the Music Lesson program.

Paige Pearce

Paige has been singing and leading worship at Praise for four years.  She currently serves as the church-wide vocal coach and is responsible for coordinating vocal teams for Praise Kids, Praise Youth, Praise Young Adults, and Sunday services.

Chris Boaz

Chris has been playing music for over ten years and has has been playing drums, bass, and lead guitar for two years at Praise.  He has been playing professionally for over five years and has recorded multiple records.

To schedule a lesson time please contact Carlos Castellanos. When you have registered your scheduled time will be confirmed.

For questions please contact Carlos Castellanos

New Students