We believe in the Next Generation here at Praise Church. Our Praise Church Youth ministry revolves around the idea that even at a young age, you(th) can be the example for others to follow [1 Timothy 4:12]. Come and be a part of a ministry that builds such deep meaningful relationships that we call ourselves a family!


Every Wednesday at 6:45 PM, join us online with your Small Group at one of our watch parties that are happening in homes all across Southeast Texas! Watch parties take the best parts of our Wednesday night services and allow you to experience them in the context of a Small Group. Click the Small Group Watch Parties link at the top of this page to find a watch party near you!


The goal of Praise Church’s internship program is two-fold: Personal Development & Productivity. From task work to team leadership, we receive productivity from interns in exchange for personal development. This program will challenge you to become the best version of yourself. Interns can expect to grow personally in real-world experience as well as ministry leadership. We believe in mobilizing the Next Generation into ministry, leadership, and personal growth!