While we continue to rebuild our current building, we will be meeting this Sunday at Church On The Rock North. See below for details.


1:30 & 3:00 pm



Common– belonging to or shared by all. It’s root is where we get words like community and communion. We have all taken a part of a shared experience. In the past week, we have tasted grief in varying doses. We have shared each other’s hurts, shared resources, shared hope.

Our church building is where we gather each week to experience the act of worship together as one. There is nothing sacred about the sheet metal or carpet or chairs, but the communion of the saints gathering together is what is rich and alive inside our walls. We still have that. We see you working together on social media, opening homes and hearts, offering all you have. This is our church. We are the church. Moving forward we will take this in doses as it comes. In the wilderness God sent down manna for the Israelites, provision for the day. We pray His provision over you for this day, this moment, daily bread. He is our sufficiency, we are encouraged by His past faithfulness, and we set our hope and trust on who He is despite circumstances. So grateful for the people who make up our church, so let us continue be the church. Let’s do this Praise.



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