Whether out in the community or across the globe, Praise Church is committed to serving those in need and reaching them with the truth:
That they are immeasurably loved by a God who saves. We do this work not only because it fulfills us, but because it’s what we’ve been called to do.


Taking Jesus to the world is no easy task. Praise Church supports our foreign missionaries around the globe, both financially and through prayer. Our missionaries not only share the Gospel, but equip the local people to continue in the work of Christ through training and building churches in these various regions.
“Showing up is 90% of Handyman Ministry. The job is to love on people.”
In keeping with James 1:27, we seek out and care for needs of folks who cant meet them themselves. Whether it’s painting a room, hanging a door, or replacing a rickety porch. Praise Handyman Ministry seeks to help those who can’t help themselves, in order to love our neighbor and glorify our God in Heaven. Sign up here!
Working with those who have great need is part of what we are called to do. Providing meals to the poor reminds us of our own spiritual poverty, and when we serve our brothers and sisters, we are serving Christ. Monday Meal is when we provide a hot meal to men and women from Some Other Place, and those who arrive at Praise Church.
All throughout scripture we read that as followers of Jesus, we are not called to sit in comfort, but to step out and serve one another humbly in love. Praise Church offers Servolution as an opportunity to show others the love of Christ through more than just words. We serve because it’s not just good– it’s right!
We cancel our regular services on the Sunday before Christmas to team up and disperse throughout our city to spread the love of Christ. This is the perfect opportunity to BE the church rather than just go to church!